The CR2 M&E Solutions Way

Partnering Ethos & Proven Supply Chain

Experienced personnel & Contemporary and innovative solutions


Proven procedures and processes & Total commitment

Capability within CR2


Partnering Ethos

Since the launch of CR2 Solutions, we have built an excellent reputation for partnering formally and informally with our clients, sub-contractors and suppliers. These relationships are the cornerstone of our business and an important part of our approach to delivering our projects.

Proven Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain is one of the most underrated and misunderstood aspects of business management. Your supply chain, which can be quaint and local or multi-organisational and global, controls the flow of products and information and, therefore, the flow of capital.

CR2 have built up a solid rapport with all of its suppliers, meaning utilities and products are available or delivered on time without fail. It makes us very happy to have such a great relationship with them and long may it continue.

Experienced personnel

Both Charlie and Ron have a wealth of experience within the Electrical and Mechanical industry. Having worked for some of the most successful companies around the UK and abroad means they have picked and utilised some of the larger company’s processes and procedures, these in turn, benefit both CR2 and its clients.

CR2 has also developed TOTAL Commitment to their work since the company formed.

Contemporary and innovative solutions

CR2 provide innovative solutions with contemporary no fuss feel and design. We are constantly striving forward embracing the latest technology on offer, to produce outstanding, efficient and functional products and solutions.