Our Offer

The CR2 M&E Solutions Way

1. Project evaluation and design facility & Surveys and feasibility studies carried out.

2. Complete in-house co-ordination service & Wide experience of design development from initial concept design.


Value engineering and prototyping & Energy Surveys and Initiatives offered.

What CR2 can offer you!


Project Evaluation and Design Facility

At CR2 we like to give each project a thorough evaluation before we start the design and thereafter, the build process. Depending on the size of the project in hand, there will be different processes it must undergo, starting with the concept and ending in construction. The timeline varies in each phase depending on the complexity of the project.
We are always on hand to walk you through and discuss each of these processes so you’ll never be left in the dark!

Surveys and Feasibility Studies

CR2 have capabilities to assist with pre-acquisition surveys and feasibility studies of mechanical or electrical installations. Our services can be extended to include the fabricating and structure in addition to the services themselves. Feasibility studies can include estimated costs for remedial works in addition to potential costs associated with upgrade or change of use.

Complete in-house co-ordination service

With a vast experience in the co-ordination of Mechanical and Electrical services on new builds and existing renovation projects. CR2 are able to accurately produce 3D models of the services and equipment in plant, office, storage, manufacturing and retail areas.

Detailed layouts are produced at the required scale for installation or manufacture.
Visualisation Ron?

Value engineering and prototyping

CR2 apply our value engineering experience and expertise to the design of entirely new to projects and where we are asked to upgrade and improve existing ones.

We put emphasis on engineering and optimising the design to make the best possible design and solution for the cheapest possible cost.

We look at how to build the greatest possible value into the product, in terms of functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, ease of use, sustainability. And we scrutinise every aspect, from materials and number of parts, to production techniques, assembly time and tooling, to find the most cost-effective way of producing it.

Energy Surveys and Initiatives offered

CR2 take into consideration our Mechanical and Electrical designs have to be compliant with the Building Regulations, Part L. Energy efficiency and monitoring and environmental awareness issues are also all taken into account.